Mission:  promote ovarian cancer awareness and education; support those diagnosed and survivors; and advocate for public policy and funding.

Here4You Financial Assistance

To Qualify for Assistance:

We offer financial assistance to ovarian cancer patients if the applicant meets the residency, medical and financial qualifications listed below. We will also consider applicants with a fallopian tube cancer diagnosis.


  1. Must be a resident of the State of Oregon or SW Washington.
  2. A copy of a valid Oregon or Washington ID is required.

Medical Status:

  1. Monthly Assistance. To qualify for monthly assistance for help with bills like rent, utilities, etc., you must:
    1. be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, or primary peritoneal cancer.
    2. currently be in chemotherapy or other oncologist-directed treatment for ovarian cancer
    3. OR have completed surgery or treatment for ovarian cancer within the last three months
    4.  provide verification of your medical status from your oncologist (see application).
  2. Medical Assistance. To qualify for assistance with the cost of a visit to a Gynecologic Oncologist, you must:
    1. be diagnosed with ovarian cancer
    2. have no health insurance
    3. OR have health insurance that will not cover the cost of a first time or second opinion visit
    4. provide verification of your medical status from your current doctor (see application).
  3. Clinical Trial Assistance. To qualify for clinical trial transportation assistance you must:
    1. be diagnosed with ovarian cancer
    2. provide medical verification from the clinical trial doctor (see application).


  1. Income. Your monthly household expenses must be more than your monthly household income, and your total income must be equal to or less than 400% of the HHS Federal Poverty Level. In addition, we may be checking to see if your household income is equal to or less than the Area Median Income for your county (www.huduser.org).
  2. Assets. Your available assets, including cash, investments, and real estate properties other than your home, are less than the total of 6 months of your household expenses during treatment.
  3. Assistance in paying mortgage. A copy of your current year’s property tax is required for mortgage assistance, and that total is less than the median home sales price for your county.

You may be asked to provide additional paperwork to OCAOSW in order to verify your qualifications. If any misleading or false information is submitted in writing or by phone, OCAOSW has the right to withdraw your application, stop all assistance and take steps to recover previous awards.

To receive a copy of the application, please contact info@ovariancancerosw.org 

2021 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines


The benefit levels of many low-income assistance programs are based on these poverty guidelines. Find your family size and monthly or yearly income below to determine your FPL percentage category. We provide financial assistance only if your family income is equal to, or less than, 400% FPL for your family size. Note: Pregnant women count as two people for the purpose of this chart.

48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia

ANNUAL INCOME: Family 400%
400% of FPL
1 $51,520
2 $69,680
3 $87,840
4 $106,000
5 $124,160
6 $142,320
7 $160,480
8 $178,640
400% of FPL
1 $4,293
2 $5,807
3 $7,320
4 $8,833
5 $10,347
6 $11,860
7 $13,373
8 $14,887
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